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Inmarsat's Broadband Global Area Network – BGAN – is the world’s first mobile communications service of any kind to provide both voice and broadband data simultaneously through a single , truly portable device on a global basis. It is also the first mobile communications service to offer guaranted data rates on demand.

B-GAN 300B-GAN 500B-GAN 700

Global coverage
BGAN delivers seamless network coverage across most of the world’s land mass. Users are able to get broadband wherever they go – not just in major cities or at the airport. BGAN is accessible in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America.

Simultaneous voice  and broadband data

With a single BGAN device, you can access data applications at speeds up to half a megabit and make a phone call at the same time. In a world-first for mobile services, you can also select guaranteed data rates on demand, with a choice of data rates to suit your application requirements. And to ensure bandwidth  availability,  network capacity can be re - directed to areas of heavy usage.

Planned BGAN ser vice coverage
Highly portable
BGAN terminals are compact, lightweight and can be carried as e a s i l y  a s  a  l a p t o p  –  t h e  s m a l l e s t  B G A N  t e r m i n a l  w e i g h s  l e s s  than one kilo. A fully functional broadband mobile office can be set up and shut down in minutes.

Totally flexible
BGAN supports the latest IP services, as well as traditional circuit-switched voice and data. Integrating seamlessly with your corporate networks, it  supports legacy applications while p r o v i d i n g  a  s m o o t h  u p g r a d e  p a t h  t o  I P .  T h e r e  a r e  t e r m i n a l s  for single users and small teams, which can be connected to a laptop via a wired or wireless c o n n e c t i o n .  A n d  t h e  u s e r  i n t e r f a c e  c a n  b e  c u s t o m i s e d  according to your requirements.